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Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Download Video Animasi Minuscule

Hello, I add the more short-length animated video called minuscule, must-agan agan's already on tau ni animated, minuscule is derived from the state film francis, clay ja each episode title use francis language, animation production by futurikon and producer Manufacturers Philippe Delarue,
Jean-Jacques, Benhamou, A little description of this animation video
"Minuscule"-private life of insects is a series of French-made animated short video gives "a glimpse of the insect day day existence, distorted through a laughingstock, but poetic lens", a computer-modeled characters. in 3D and set against the landscape. Each animation has a self-contained storyline and usually lucu.Audio is a combination of genuine insect and ambient recordings made ​​with sound effects. Insect protagonists berbagai often anthropomorphic activity, showing intelligence ironically illustrated, fun and, sometimes, pathos.Setting background mainly from rural France, and including homes, farms, fence, car, road surface, drainage, sewer and trash . Humans appear only peripheral (eg, as a dumb driver intrusive vehicles) and large animals are the main reluctant witness to the various activities of insects, spiders and molluscs.

character in the animated Minuscule:
01.Lady bug
03.Honey bee
12.Dirt bug

Video Animation is comprised of volumes 1-4
ok. if you want to download below

Minuscule Volume 1:

Episode 01.La Coccinelle
Episode 02.Catapulte
Episode 03.Bouse de là
Episode 04.Deux chenilles
Episode 05.Les Fourmis
Episode 06.Prisonnière
Episode 07.Rêve d'escargot
Episode 08.Love story
Episode 09.Grasse matinée
Episode 10.Top guêpe
Episode 11.La nouille
Episode 12.Le pont de la rivière Bzzz
Episode 13.Zzzeplin
Episode 14.Une bonne éducation
Episode 15.Rêve de chenille
Episode 16.Chewing gum
Episode 17.Un monde de brutes
Episode 18.Coup de vent
Episode 19.Silence
Episode 20.La fourmilière infernale

Minuscule Volume 2:

Episode 01.Libellules
Episode 02.Cigale do Brazil
Episode 03.Hoquet
Episode 04.Tomate cerise
Episode 05.Sans coquille
Episode 06.Bananes
Episode 07.Les vers sont dans la pomme
Episode 08.Le convoi
Episode 09.Bouse au carré
Episode 10.Fourmis à la noix
Episode 11.Hyperactive
Episode 12.Le moustique
Episode 13.Salade
Episode 14.Il pleut il mouille c'est la fête à l'escargouille
Episode 15.A fond la caisse
Episode 16.Pique nique
Episode 17.Une nuit dehors
Episode 18.Tire au flanc
Episode 19.Ventilo
Episode 20.La chenille qui voulait voir la mer

Minuscule Volume 3:

Episode 01.La bonne graine
Episode 02.La chenille et le ruisseau
Episode 03.Un radiateur pour deux
Episode 04.Patrouille de bzzz
Episode 05.Le chant des cigales
Episode 06.Petit trouillard
Episode 07.Escargot qui roule n'amasse pas mousse
Episode 08.L'attaque de la sucette rose
Episode 09.L'heure de la sieste
Episode 10.Moche
Episode 11.Petit repas entre mouches
Episode 12.Narcisso
Episode 13.Coccinelles
Episode 14.Le Totem
Episode 15.L'évasion
Episode 16.Tenace
Episode 17.Pas de chance
Episode 18.King size camembert
Episode 19.Chenille des villes papillon des champs

MInuscule Volume 4:

Episode 01.À tes souhaits
Episode 02.Mon beau Sapin
Episode 03.Top départ
Episode 04.Mouche bizarre
Episode 05.Torpedo
Episode 06.Toiles d’intérieur
Episode 07.L’union fait la force
Episode 08.Un après-midi de moustique
Episode 09.Grosse mouche bleue
Episode 10.Pot de colle
Episode 11.La conserve
Episode 12.Nuit blanche
Episode 13.Mouche folle
Episode 14.Poule mouillée
Episode 15.La horde sauvage
Episode 16.Halloween parano
Episode 17.Hop
Episode 18.Fourmi rose
Episode 19.C’est noël

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