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Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Download Video Animasi The Larva

You know about the cartoon larva?
The film is almost like a cartoon film The Owl In The Same Just Because not By, hehe: D
Now the name of this cartoon ngirit yes. Since the appearance of a cartoon type of Shaun The Sheep and the Oscar Oasis suddenly bobbed various other types of cartoons. This time I want to talk a little about this LARVA.Larva appear ahead early in the morning I left for work. Impressions really no longer a conversation and just bundle tongued character. But I find it difficult to make a story without conversation and the audience to see the meaning. So if we can laugh at Larvae that means a successful author.

Tells the story of two male larvae of the red and yellow grubs that live in water that is rarely so people's attention. Sometimes things just fall into line there is kind of chewing gum, ice cream, coins or rings.

Larvae released in 2011 as a 3D animation, so this is new right. Larvae produced jointly by the Korean Animation Studios Tuba with Synergy Media Entertainment. Screenwriter and director of its production is Joo-gong is established, the producer Ahn Sung-jai, and leader Kim Byoung-sun animation. Do not forget that also that manufactures Tuba Vicky and Johnny, Oasis, Me and My Robot, and the Yeti.
Red larvae tend to be slightly more antagonistic because the rough, while the yellow tends to fool. Conflict is playing there. There are other kinds of figures beetles, frogs, sand monster,, praying mantis, and many others
ok. if you want to download it just click the video below it

1.Larva Episode Ant
2.Larva Episode Chicken
3.Larva Episode ChiliShow
4.Larva Episode Cement
5.Larva Episode Airform
6.Larva Episode Bee
7.Larva Episode Mushrom
8.Larva Episode Dancing In The Rain
9.Larva Episode Cocoon
10.Larva Episode Clock
11.Larva Episode Electronik Sock
12.Larva Episode Fishing
13.Larva Episode Farting
14.Larva Episode Grape
15.Larva Episode Fly
16.Larva Episode Frog
17.Larva Episode Moonlight Waltz
18.Larva Episode Ice Cream
19.Larva Episode Ham
20.Larva Episode Psychic
21.Larva Episode Hand
22.Larva Episode Gum
23.Larva Episode Popcorn
24.Larva Episode Mummy
25.Larva Episode Hailing
26.Larva Episode Hotspring
27.Larva Episode Snail
28.Larva Episode Flood 1
29.Larva Episode Flood 2
30.Larva Episode Spagheti
31.Larva Episode Soda
32.Larva Episode Watermelon
33.Larva Episode Yellow Terminator
34.Larva Episode Snow Ball Fight
35.Larva Episode Staring Contest
36.Larva Episode Straw
37.Larva Episode Typhoon
38.Larva Episode Crush
39.Larva Episode Diving
40.Larva Episode Love 1
41.Larva Episode Love 2
42.Larva Episode Fire
43.Larva Episode Mosquito
44.Larva Episode Larvatar part 1
45.Larva Episode Larvatar part 2
46.Larva Episode Hair Growth Oil
47.Larva Episode Hair Growth Oil 2
48.Larva Episode Decay
49.Larva Episode R.C Car
50.Larva Episode Screte Of Snail
51.Larva Episode Head or Tail
52.Larva Episode Spider
53.Larva Episode Octopus
54.Larva Episode Perfume
55.Larva Episode Ice Road
56.Larva Episode Hip Hop
57.Larva Episode Disappearance
58.Larva Episode See Saw
59.Larva Episode Out of Body
60.Larva Episode Snot
61.Larva Episode Stomach Ache
62.Larva Episode Earth quake
63.Larva Episode Wig
64.Larva Episode Super Fluid
65.Larva Episode Aquarium
66.Larva Episode Laughing
67.Larva Episode Puding
68.Larva Episode Mantis
69.Larva Episode Cavity
70.Larva Episode UFO
71.Larva Episode Ballon
72.Larva Episode Glove
73.Larva Episode Carnivorous plant
74.Larva Episode Bee 2
75.Larva Episode Typhoon 2
76.Larva Episode Gum 2
77.Larva Episode Vampire
78.Larva Episode Scary Night
79.Larva Episode Swamp

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  1. Link sudah terpasang silahkan di cek di DikBagus Blog, terima kasih

  2. Sama-sama,kalau mau request ANimasi laen,tulis ja di kotak komentar^_^

  3. Request diupdate lagi aja LARVA nya :D

    Khususnya episode Wild Wild World, katanya paling bagus tuh episode di LARVA :D

    kalo ada film animasi lain yang lucu, post yaaa ^_^ bakal sering2 mampir nih kesini.

  4. Oh ya, request film ini dong :)
    Kalo sempat, postingin yaaa :
    - Ooglies
    - Monk

    sama kartun bisu lainnya yang lucu2 :p

  5. siip deh,tenang ja,ya ntar di tunggu ja,ni lagi upload oscar
    btw kamu punya blog gak?kalau ada ntar q mampir ke blog kamu

    1. siip deh :) ditunggu~
      aku udah follow blog situ.

      silahkan mampir kalo sempat...

  6. Balasan
    1. ok tenang ja,emang ada larva episode yang baru?klw pun ada kualitasnya masih jelek,ya ntar q update in yang baru deh tunggu ja ya?^_^

  7. makasih!kartun oscarnya mana?

    1. iya bentar,masih nyari kualitas videonya yang bagus,ada sih tapi sedikit

  8. thanks bro... kartunnya... anak2ku seneng banget...

  9. om ada shaun the sheep ga :D

    1. lum sempet,sementara agan nyari blog yang lain ya^_^

  10. mas ada film animasi yang judulnya up gak? diupload dong...

    1. wah gk da gan,tu movie kan?kalau movie ane gk da,coba cari di ja siapa tw ada^_^

  11. Bang yang nomor 15, episode fly, rusak link-nya.

    1. ok,segera ane ganti,n q tambahin video larva yang baru

  12. bang, nomor 16 ke bawah link-nya juga rusak.

    1. wah agan bohong ya,udah ane cek filenya gk rusak kok,agan downloadnya makek idm pa dr mozilanya?

  13. sorry bang, waktu itu -nya yang error, ane download yang laen juga emang lagi error -nya.

    1. ok gpp gan,iya sekarang sering eror

  14. mz bro izin download ...
    salam ACEH MANIA

  15. Balasan
    1. masak ngomongin keluarganya sendiri gan,hahaha

  16. om, ini udah series yang terbarunya larva belum??
    coz kemaren2 liat yang di RCT*I kok ada yang seri baru lagi yah??
    nyari di you*ube binggung, gak urut lagi gak kyk disini, dijelasin per judulnya..
    thanks udah ngasi linknya..

    1. ni q ja gk q urutin bro,cuma q kasih judulnya ja,linknya ada yang rusak ya?klw da q upload ulang lg,cari di youtube ja bro,pasti ada yang baru

  17. om,,request episode larva yang judul nya superglue dong...??

    1. ok,tapi kayaknya kualitas videonnya jelek gan,mending nunggu yang HD gan

  18. gan episodenya cuman segitu aja ?? ane pengunjung setia nih.. hihihihiihi..

    1. wkwkwkwkkwkwk,emang udah da yang baru lg ya gan?malah yang punya blog gk tau,ya entar q tambahin kalau ada yang baru ^_^

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    1. iya emang lum ane upload,haha,ni lg mw nyicil upload

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    1. udah ane cek,gk rusak gan,paling pas tusfilenya lg eror,jadi di kiranya rusak gan

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    1. wkwkkwkwkwkw,emang ada yang baru ya?ya ntr q cek dulu